carré neige insurance


To get the most out of your holiday and enjoy it with total peace of mind, it's better to be well-insured ...
This is why ESF Val d'Isère propose the Alpine Carré Neige Insurance to guarantee you all of the necessary insurance and assistance coverage in the event of an accident during your stay.

With the Carré Neige, you'll benefit from the skills of the best professionals in the area and have access to complete services, including rescue operations and the reimbursement of ski passes and ambulance transport.

So to ski with total peace of mind and enjoy the slopes with a feeling of safety, whether alone, with family or with friends, remember to purchase the Carré Neige.

What price ?

At ESF Val d'Isère, the "Carré Neige" is proposed for 5 and 6 days courses when your book your lessons (as an option) :

"Carré Neige" Insurance :
  • 17.40 € / 6 Days
  • 14.50 € / 5 Days

ou can also subscribe to this insurance directly at our ski school office in Val d'Isère.

What happens in the event of an accident ?

Carré Neige reimburses the costs incurred as soon as you receive help from search and rescue professionals or professionals providing you with initial medical care.

The plus of the "Carré Neige"

  •    Rescue and evacuation.
  • Reimbursement of the Ski Pass / Ski Lessons.
Additional Warranties :
  • Medical bill reimbursement, in addition to your basic insurance for pharmaceutical and hospital needs, legally use warranties, broken ski.
  • Repatriation

*Detailled conditions on

How do I receive reimbursement for my unused ski passes and ski lessons* ?

Within 8 days fill out the claim form available on our website or in the Carré Neige sales outlets and send it, together with the supporting documents, to the following address :
DIOT Montagne Assurances Carré Neige
73 704 Bourg Saint Maurice Cedex - FRANCE

How can I track the progress of my reimbursement  ?

As soon as we have processed your claim form, we send you a file reference number. This allows you to track your reimbursements in real time on the website.