We wish you a pleasant stay in our ski resort
In order that the school runs efficiently we ask you adhere to the following rules :

The successful running of our lessons depends on you and our instructors:

  • Please arrive in advance at the meeting point indicated on your lesson card.
  •  Participants must have their lesson card with them at all times, for both private and group lessons.
  • Please keep your liftpass in your left jacket pocket as this facilitates going through the liftpass control.
  • Clients must not be totally reliant on their instructor. Lessons require a certain level of independence whilst doing the exercises and taking care of personal security.

Please supply the appropriate equipment for you child lesson:

  • Equipment hire is not included. 
  • Children must come to lessons with their own equipment (skis, snowboard, boots and helmet).
  • Remember to buy a liftpass if your child needs one for his lessons.
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended for your child.

Important Information:

  • We reserve the right to modify programs and timetables during the season.
  • Our instructors are not responsible for bad weather conditions or for technical problems concerning the ski lifts.
  • Les conditions climatiques et les pannes des remontées mécaniques ou autres accidents ne peuvent être imputables aux moniteurs.
  • The ESF reserves the right to cancel and reimburse group lessons in wich less than 3 students have signed up.
  • The length of lessons can be reduced for reasons beyond our control and no reimbursement will be made.


Ski school clients are not insured by the ESF.
To avoid the risks and expense associated with an accident, we advise you to take a Carré Neige insurance :

    • Carré Neige Insurance for adults and children : 17.40 € / 6 days, 14.50 € / 5 days
    • Waranties: